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I've always recommended that founders start by completing a Business Model Canvas. I believe it does a good job of forcing your to succinctly answer many of the key questions that can impact your success.

But, I have also always felt that some of the questions are a bit formal or academic and that they don't include other important questions.

So, I decided to put together my own version. It includes most of the key questions that I ask of every entrepreneur I work with.

Including things to think about around:

  • Your mission
  • Your dream team (you aren't going this alone forever, are you?)
  • How you will fund your venture
  • Who the key competitors are (trust me, there are some)
  • How you will market the business (you do have a budget set aside for this, beyond "going viral", right?)
  • What macroenvironmental factors could impact your success?

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